Colt Paterson Revolver

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Colt Paterson Revolver – The Ultimate Prestige Arms


The Colt Paterson Revolver is a classic and iconic firearm that has been synonymous with prestige arms since its introduction in the early 1800s. Designed by Samuel Colt, this revolver features a unique folding trigger and a cylinder that rotates to align with the barrel, allowing for faster reloading times.


  • Chambered in .36 caliber
  • 9-inch octagonal barrel
  • Five-shot cylinder
  • Brass frame and trigger guard
  • Walnut grips


The Colt Paterson Revolver was first introduced in 1836 and was named after the town of Paterson, New Jersey, where the Colt factory was located. The revolver quickly became popular with both civilians and military personnel, and its innovative design set the standard for all future revolvers.


The Colt Paterson Revolver is a versatile firearm that can be used for both self-defense and target shooting. Its unique design and historical significance also make it a popular choice for collectors and enthusiasts.


If you’re looking for a prestigious and iconic firearm, the Colt Paterson Revolver is the ultimate choice. With its innovative design, historical significance, and exceptional performance, this revolver is a true work of art and a testament to Samuel Colt’s ingenuity and vision. Purchase your Colt Paterson Revolver today and join the ranks of those who appreciate the ultimate prestige arms.


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