Colt CQB Govt 45acp 5″ 8rd Black

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Colt CQB Govt 45acp 5″ 8rd Black Handgun


The Colt CQB Govt 45acp 5″ 8rd Black is a reliable and powerful handgun designed for self-defense and tactical use. It is a government model 1911-style pistol, built to exacting standards for durability and accuracy. This handgun is chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge, a round known for its stopping power and proven track record in combat situations.


  • Government model 1911-style pistol
  • Chambered for .45 ACP cartridge
  • 5-inch barrel length
  • 8-round magazine capacity
  • Black finish for a sleek look
  • Front and rear slide serrations for easy manipulation
  • Novak low mount carry sights for accurate aiming
  • Extended ambidextrous thumb safety for added safety and control
  • Colt beavertail grip safety for a comfortable and secure grip


The Colt CQB Govt 45acp 5″ 8rd Black is an ideal handgun for self-defense and tactical situations. It is also a great choice for target shooting and competition use, thanks to its accuracy and reliability. The .45 ACP cartridge is known for its stopping power, making it a popular choice for those who want a handgun that can effectively stop an attacker or intruder.


The Colt CQB Govt 45acp 5″ 8rd Black is a top-of-the-line handgun that is built to last. It is a reliable and accurate firearm that can be used for a variety of purposes, from self-defense to competition shooting. If you are looking for a high-quality handgun that you can depend on, the Colt CQB Govt 45acp 5″ 8rd Black is an excellent choice.

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