Barnett Predator Crossbow with scope and bolts for sale

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Barnett Predator Crossbow with Scope and Bolts for Sale


If you’re an experienced archer looking for a high-performance crossbow, the Barnett Predator is a great option. This crossbow is designed for accuracy, power, and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for hunting or target shooting. With a range of advanced features and accessories, the Barnett Predator is one of the most popular crossbows on the market today.


The Barnett Predator crossbow is equipped with a range of features that make it a top-performing crossbow. It has a high-energy cam system and a strong, lightweight magnesium riser that provides durability and strength. The crossbow is designed with an anti-dry fire mechanism that helps prevent accidents, and a finger safety reminder that keeps your fingers safe while you’re shooting.
The crossbow comes with a scope that has a range of up to 60 yards, making it easy to aim and hit your target accurately. The scope is also adjustable for windage and elevation, allowing you to fine-tune your shots. The Barnett Predator crossbow also comes with bolts that are designed specifically for this crossbow, providing optimal accuracy and power.


The Barnett Predator crossbow is known for its outstanding performance. It has a draw weight of 175 pounds, making it powerful enough to take down even the largest game. The crossbow can shoot arrows at speeds of up to 375 feet per second, giving you plenty of power and accuracy when you need it most.


The Barnett Predator crossbow is a top-performing crossbow that’s perfect for experienced archers. With its range of advanced features and accessories, this crossbow is designed to provide accuracy, power, and ease of use. If you’re looking for a high-quality crossbow that will help you hit your target every time, the Barnett Predator is an excellent choice.

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