1 1/2 Small Pistol Primer (1000Rounds) 050-22600 | Remington

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1 1/2 Small Pistol Primer (1000 Rounds) 050-22600 | Remington

Looking for reliable ammunition for your handgun? Check out the 1 1/2 Small Pistol Primer by Remington. This pack contains 1000 rounds of ammunition that are perfect for small pistols, ensuring consistent performance and accuracy.


  • 1000 rounds of ammunition
  • Small pistol primer
  • Consistent performance and accuracy
  • Reliable and high-quality

The Remington 1 1/2 Small Pistol Primer is designed to meet the needs of handgun owners who demand quality and consistency from their ammunition. Whether you are practicing at the range or using your firearm for self-defense, this ammunition is the perfect choice for you.

Order now and experience the reliability and quality of Remington ammunition!

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