New HPR .44mag Ammo 50 Rounds

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New HPR .44mag Ammo 50 Rounds

Looking for high-quality .44mag ammo for your next hunting or shooting excursion? Look no further than HPR’s new .44mag ammo, available now in 50-round boxes.

Reliable Performance

HPR’s .44mag ammo is built to perform in a variety of shooting situations. The brass casings are precision-matched to ensure consistent performance shot after shot, while the high-quality primers and powder provide reliable ignition and consistent velocity.

Accurate and Powerful

With a muzzle velocity of 1350 feet per second and a muzzle energy of 971 foot-pounds, HPR’s .44mag ammo packs a serious punch. Plus, the high-quality lead-free bullets are designed for accuracy and penetration, making them ideal for big-game hunting or target shooting.

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Don’t settle for second-rate ammo when you’re out in the field. Order your 50-round box of HPR .44mag ammo today and experience the power and accuracy you need to make your next hunting or shooting trip a success.

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