Glock 23 Gen 3

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Glock 23 Gen 3 – .40 S&W Handgun


The Glock 23 Gen 3 is a compact, polymer-framed pistol chambered in .40 S&W, a popular round among law enforcement and self-defense enthusiasts. With its lightweight design, customizable features, and reliable performance, the Glock 23 Gen 3 is a top choice for those seeking a powerful handgun for personal protection.


  • Capacity: 13+1 rounds of .40 S&W ammunition
  • Barrel Length: 4.02 inches
  • Weight: 23.65 ounces unloaded
  • Overall Length: 6.85 inches
  • Height: 4.99 inches
  • Width: 1.18 inches
  • Finish: Black matte
  • Sights: Fixed front and rear
  • Trigger: Safe Action
  • Magazine: Comes with two 13-round magazines
  • Customization: Interchangeable backstraps, adjustable sights, and accessory rails


  • Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and conceal
  • Powerful .40 S&W round offers excellent stopping power
  • Customizable features allow for personalized fit and improved accuracy
  • Reliable performance and durability, with a reputation for minimal malfunctions or jams
  • Safe Action trigger system ensures safe and accurate firing


The Glock 23 Gen 3 is ideal for personal protection, whether as a concealed carry option or for home defense. Its powerful .40 S&W round and customizable features make it a popular choice among law enforcement and military personnel, as well as self-defense enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a reliable handgun for personal safety or a powerful tool for target shooting and competition, the Glock 23 Gen 3 is an excellent choice.


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