5.56 PMC AMMUNITION 62gr 1000RDS

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5.56 PMC AMMUNITION 62gr 1000RDS

Product Overview

The 5.56 PMC AMMUNITION 62gr 1000RDS is a high-quality ammunition for handguns and rifles that is designed to provide reliable performance and accuracy. This ammunition is manufactured by PMC, a leading name in the ammunition industry that is known for producing high-quality products.

Features and Benefits

This ammunition is designed with a 62-grain bullet that provides exceptional accuracy and consistent performance. It is also made with high-quality materials that ensure reliable performance and consistent results. Some key features and benefits of this ammunition include:

High-quality construction for reliable performance
Accurate and consistent results
Suitable for use with a variety of handguns and rifles
Comes in a pack of 1000 rounds, making it a cost-effective option for regular shooters


The 5.56 PMC AMMUNITION 62gr 1000RDS is compatible with a wide range of handguns and rifles, making it a versatile option for shooters. This ammunition is suitable for use with firearms that are chambered for 5.56 NATO ammunition.


If you’re looking for a high-quality ammunition for your handgun or rifle, the 5.56 PMC AMMUNITION 62gr 1000RDS is an excellent choice. With its reliable performance, consistent results, and cost-effective pricing, this ammunition is a great value for any shooter. So don’t hesitate to order your pack of 1000 rounds today from!


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